Saturday, April 25, 2009

Festival of Books 2009

We were able to attend the Festival of Books again this year. We had gone in 2006 and 2007 but last year we were unable to because of my work schedule. I'm glad we made it this year. We didn't spend too long and it was a nice family excursion. It's nice to roam around and look at the books and different booths. It's also nice to casually visit and talk with some of the authors. As we did in the past, we packed our own lunch and enjoyed eating out in the shade of a building on the UCLA campus. It's a beautiful campus!

We picked up two books this time around... The first is a book by Bill Peet called The Caboose Who Got Loose. Bill Peet is a former storyboard artist for Disney and he has a great collection of kids books. I highly recommend them! Andrea also found a great book for families called Fun and Educational Places to go With Kids and Adults in Southern California. We stopped and chatted a bit with the author and flipped through the book. It's a great resource for activities for kids and families in general. It's almost 900 pages and its packed full of great information on stuff to do from Santa Barbara down to San Diego. I look forward to the many many family trips we take with the girls!!


Ryan said...

I love Bill Peet's books! I've never read the caboose one, though. The cover is hilarious.

_Shane said...

I had seen his books before but never owned one. I read the book to Syd last night and both her and I absolutely loved it! I will be collecting more of his books for our kids.

Andrea said...

It was a great day! Thanks for my book too, I have already started picking out things to do in the near future.