Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Scanner Darkly

So I have had the good fortune to see a couple of movies this weekend for free courtesy of American Eagle. Yesterday I saw A Scanner Darkly with my friend, which I will write about here, and today I saw An Inconvenient Truth which I enjoyed but I'll spare you the commentary on the film. If you want to know more it you can visit the official website for the film here:

I didn't know what to expect with Scanner going into it. I saw the directors other film, Waking Life, made in similar digitally rotoscoped fashion and didn't care for it. The style didn't bother me as much as I didn't get into the story. Scanner on the other hand drew me in without trying to hard at all. The story both kept my attention and interest throughout the film. It is heavy on dialogue, which bothered my friend, but honestly I didn't notice until he said something about it after it was over, so that didn't detract from the experience for me. The visual style of the film lends itself to the world of paranoia and delusion that the characters live in. You can read more about the more technical aspects of creating the film in this article from AWN. The film is definitely for adult or mature viewers. It's odd that I even have to make that statement, but its animation and in general animation is not typically associated with an exclusively adult audience. If you are interested at all in the film you can see the first 24 minutes of it over at (That link will take you to an age verification page and then to the video) Don't get the wrong idea though, the film is really no different content wise than any other R rated film, but like I said it's intended for a mature audience and I think its respectable that IGN is trying to be responsible about showing the footage on the web.

In addition to the film we got some great looking trailers for films set to come out this fall. I have provided links to the trailers below for your viewing pleasure:
The Science of Sleep
The Prestige
Little Miss Sunshine

Of all those I'd have to say that I'm most looking forward to The Science of Sleep.

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Jak said...

They talked alot.

_Shane said...

Thanks for the insightful commentary Jak.