Thursday, July 13, 2006

Roving Mars Soundtrack

So this is another purchase I made with the massive credit I currently have on iTunes. I'm gonna miss it when it's all used up. Anyway you may or may not have seen on my profile that I am fan of Philip Glass' music. It's hypnotic and makes wonderful accompaniment to many a unique film. This film, Roving Mars, is an IMAX documentary that Disney put together with Lockheed Martin. I haven't seen the film but the score is great and its a great introduction to Glass' work if you are unfamiliar. (Click on the album cover above to listen preview it on iTunes)

On a side note, a while back I saw ├ćON FLUX and while I enjoyed the film, much to my own surprise, I thought it would have been elevated to an even better level had Glass scored it rather than having the electronica type score it did. The film's score doesn't detract from the film but a great score can add so much more to it, and given the film's story and tone I would be interested to see what Glass could have added to it.

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