Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Corpse Bride

A friend from work lent me the Corpse Bride DVD and I just finished watching it. The reaction from most of the people that I work with is of disappointment. I imagine that this has to do mostly with their expectations and comparisons they drawn between it and The Nightmare Before Christmas. To be honest I have not been as attached to Nightmare as much as others have. I like the film but I'm not crazy about it. Having said that I will say that I loved Corpse Bride! Its a great story that's beautifully told. Everything from the designs to the animation and music are great. I haven't seen the Wallace & Gromit movie yet, but it has thus far been racking up most of the animation awards which puts it as the front runner for the Best Animated Feature Oscar this year. I imagine I will enjoy that film as well as the other nominee Howl's Moving Castle. I'm sure both those films are excellent which goes to show that last year was a great year for Animation and I only hope that level of quality in storytelling will rise and not decline over the years. With the Disney take over of Pixar and all the changes happening in the industry right now that a very good possibility!!

So having just watched Corpse Bride I have now seen at least one of the three films up for the feature animation Oscar. I plan on watching Wallace & Gromit in the next week or so. I will post my take on the film after I see it so stay tooned! :0)

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1 comment:

Jak said...

Great, glad you liked it. Awesome animation aye? Better than Nightmare? ...thats another arguement for you film snobs...