Friday, February 17, 2006

2006 Summer Movies I'm most looking forward to...

No major reasons for each, these are the ones that have me the most excited to see them thats all... :0)

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Jak said...

Pirates: Im just really hoping the story doesn't fall short like many sequels do. It definitely looks like fun though.

Cars: I trying hard not to compare it to the level of the Incredibles, which is one of my very favorite movies. I wasn't too thrilled when the first previews were released, but after seeing the Pixar book you have, I really want to see it now. I felt the same way when Monsters came out and honestly I was more excited to see the Episode 2 teaser trailer more than the movie itself. So glad I went to see it though. Can Pixar make a bad movie? As long as its better than Nemo (for me), I'll be happy.

Drew said...

pirates looks awesome. even if the story sucks, johnny depp is such an incredible actor. he brings so much to that character.

as for cars, i'm excited as well. i don't think that you can compare it to the incredibles. it seems like a different kind of movie. it's like comparing citizen kane to johnny guitar. there's really no similarity in genre at all. i think the problem is that people tend to lump all animated films together. it's a medium not a genre. (brad bird)


_Shane said...

I completely agree with that statement from Brad Bird!

Thanks for leaving a comment too!
It's nice to know others are looking at my blog. :0)

Annie said...

Pirates should be great and unless the story is really horrible I think I will like it.

On to Cars. I think I am more excited about this one. Partly because it is an animated film that I can take my daughter to. That means there is a much higher chance of seeing it. I agree with Jak though, at first I was not that excited about it. However, recently the teasers and trailers have really been getting my attention and peaking my interst.