Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Thank you Steven Spielberg.

This film is absolutely amazing. Last night my wife and I were able to go out to a nice dinner and to a movie. We decided on Munich because there is all this awards buzz around so many different movies this year and we have seen almost none of them. Boy am I glad we chose this one. I don't think it would be out of the question to say that this is one of the best movies of the last 5 years. I realize that this is a pretty bold statement but I honestly feel that it was is that good. There are so many layers to the film that I was deciphering as I was watching it and I am continuing to even now. The movie is a triumph of Cinema as an artform. Not only is it so incredibly made in terms of directing, acting, cinematography, score, etc..., but it's about something that means something which is the same way I feel about The Insider. Spielberg is daringly making a statement with this film. He is taking a lot of heat for it too but I applaud him for taking a stand and making a piece of art that stands on its own as an excellent movie as well as a "prayer for peace" as he has called it.

The following link is to a review of the film that better articulates some of the feelings I have about film, more or less. Please don't read the review before seeing the film though. I honestly think it would be best seen with out knowing too much of what to expect.


Jak said...

Glad you liked it. I haven't seen it yet and am still debating it. I'm sure I'll like it, however, maybe not as much as you. I'm a big Spielberg fan too, but to say it's one of the best movies you've seen in 5 years IS a bold statement. Is this your best picture pick?

I've been thinking of my "It was a good movie" criteria. It basically boils down to this:

1. I generally watch a movie to be 'entertained'. Not necessarily to be 'moved' so to say. But if it happens, great.

2. As soon as a movie starts to get so slow that I realize its 'slow', it kills it for me. 'Slow' can either mean too much dialogue with no action, or 'thinking' action, meaning if it looks like a character is thinking for long amounts of time and the audience isn't clear about what he is thinking about.

3. Cheese. This is basically like trying to get me emotionally but failing. Star Wars has cheese, I know. But we've all accepted it and cheese in that context I don't mind. Its cheese like in The Transporter that I can't stand (although the car chase scenes in that movie rock).

4. Comedies can't be race-specific. Soul Plane. Not funny.

I'm trying to think of more examples, but those are core.

oh yeah. No M. Knight Shamalan.


_Shane said...

Yes hands down Best Picture of 2005, that I've seen.

There are lots that I didn't see (Syriana; Good Night, and Good Luck; Cinderella Man; Capote; Match Point; Jarhead; The Constant Gardner; and yes I would even like to see Brokeback Mountain eventually) that may or may not change my mind but even if I did see them I doubt they would. This movie is that good. And not because it's Spielberg or a good Spielberg movie, that's beside the point it's just a great movie.

Jak said...

Ok so I saw this "Best Picture of 2005" last night. I gotta say I was really impressed, yes. It hits all the bases as far as filmmaking goes. It's a little too early to say whether its Best picture, but I really think itll at least be nominated. I haven't seen Cinderella Man, and I fear Brokeback Mountain. I also think King Kong will be nominated as well. Munich I think will be nominated simply for its Director, and I think the controversy it accumulates. It has the same suspense feeling that the Godfather had. However, I think the SAG though will side with another film though. We'll see.

Annie said...

I also loved this movie. This is the one I want to win for Best Picture but I am not sure it will. I like it for a few reasons. First the way it shows the humanity and brutality of both sides of the story. It is so easy for people to forget to look at both sides of political/religious issues, especially ones that have so much global attention. (I am even guilty of this at times.) Also, I love that it is...complex (for lack of a better term.) What I mean is I like that the more you think about it or see it the more you see the ramifications and connections this movie/event has on things even in current event.