Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Apple debuts the MacBook Pro

A new year, a new Macworld expo, new Apple hardware. Apple introduced, among other things, a new laptop to replace their PowerBook line of laptops. They are calling it the MacBook Pro. I have a feeling they dropped PowerBook name because they ran on PowerPC processors and they were trying to get away from the name association. Possibly? Anyway, Jobs says these puppies are four times faster than current models due to the new Intel Core Duo chips inside! They look pretty much the same as the previous PowerBooks which is kind of disappointing. Not that it's a bad design I've just come to expect continually better looking things from them. Just sort of a let down that's all. The inclusion of the built in web camera for video chat was a nice bonus though. While I think the move to Intel chips is a great thing for Apple, I plan on waiting until they move to Blu-ray drives before I upgrade my current from our PowerBook. Not only did Apple throw their support behind the format last year they joined the Board of Directors for the format. It may be over a year before the drives make it into the systems. I will wait patiently though. Ahh but when they do upgrade to Blu-ray how sweet will it be to have a Dual Core Intel based laptop that I can watch HD movies on while on the go?! :0)

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