Friday, October 14, 2005

This & That

Before I start in on the random stuff I wanted to share my excitement over my daughter discovering her vocal chords. Its great! Before this she could cry which was the only vocal feedback we got. Now she is cooing and aweing up a storm. It makes me so happy to hear her. My wife calls me at work randomly and when I pick up the phone all I hear is Sydney (my daughter) making a bunch of nosie. Its amazing and everytime I hear it it makes my day. I can picture he face with that big smile just happy to be hearing her own voice. Fatherhood is so great!! :0)

Ok So I thought I'd just say a few things about stuff I'd heard or come across today...

The new James Bond was announced today. His name is Daniel Craig. I'm not really excited about it. We'll see how they do with the new film, but who really cares about Bond anymore when we've got Jason Bourne now!! :0)

It seems Apple is on a rampage. They announced another special event for Oct. 19th. Thats three of these things in a little over a month! Its expected that they will release new PowerMacs and PowerBooks. You can read more here:

Steven Spielberg announced plans to produce three original video games with mega game publisher Electronic Arts. I guess well have to wait and see if he can bring is particular brand of magic to the interactive medium.

I'm looking forward to picking up Batman Begins on DVD this tuesday. I thought it was a great movie and felt one of the best takes on the Batman mythology yet. Right up there with the Jim Lee HUSH series and the Animated series from the 90's.

I saw a trailer for the upcomming movie "Syriana" online last night. It's produced by Steven Soderbergh, one of my favorite filmmakers. He is responsibe for such films as Traffic, Ocean's Eleven, & Solaris. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. You can can find out more about the film and see the trailer here:

Well thats it for today. Take care...


Jak said...

1. Wouldn't it be funny if Syd's first words were "Yellow-Man"?

2. I still have yet to watch an entire Bond movie. Not that I'm not interested, just never had the time...

3. If the G5 powerboook is impressive enough, I just might sell mine and get one.

4. Wonder if Spielberg's games will have aliens...

5. Batman Begins on DVD. Can't wait. Just might be able to pick it up during a break at work. OR, if anyone is up for a midnight release??

6. Syriana looks good.

_Shane said...

I'll do the midnight release for Episode 3. Thats Halloween night as well so it could be a lot of fun! :0)