Saturday, October 15, 2005

Curious George Poster & Trailer

A 2d animated feature?! Yes thats right folks it's still alive and kickin'! I just saw the trailer for Universal's Curious George and I couldn't be more excited about it!! It looks fantastic. I heard that Eric Goldberg was involved, but I looked at IMDB and it doesn't indicate any involvement by him so I may be mistaken. Anyway Will Ferrell is heading the cast of voice tallent and Jack Johnson is creating new songs for the film! The animation and desgin look great, I hope that the story will hold up just as well. See the trailer for your self here:


Jak said...

Yeah man, the animation and art direction looks awesome. It does look very "kiddy" though, with no surprise. Don't know if I'd go see it right away, probably wait for reviews and people's responses.

_Shane said...

Yeah it does seem a little "kiddy" but hey it was a childrens book right? I don't mind, in fact I'm looking forward to taking Sydney to see it! :0)

Annie said...

It is a kid movie. The books are for children who have recently learned to read. The stories are always simple and fun and I think the movie will be one of those great kid movies. Probably more like Disney classics than Pixar or Dreamworks Animation movies, which have an adult element.