Monday, October 17, 2005

New Look

Okay, so I haven’t had this Blog for long but being the creative person I am (its hard for me to call myself an “Artist” for some reason) I wasn’t content with just using the template for this site. But since I don’t know HTML I could't just make my own so I decided to modify the existing template. I created my own Banner for the title of the Blog and added the white band in the top right corner. It’s nothing huge but it is enough of a change for now. I hope you like the changes.

By the way I would encourage anyone reading this to click on the MakePovertyHistory band and check out their website. This is not an organization looking for handouts. It’s actually a group of organizations who have united in taking action against the extreme poverty that is plaguing our world and killing tens of thousands of people a day. It’s a call to action. Don’t just throw money at the problem, but honestly look at the situation and see do what you can to help. Take a second out of your busy life and consider emailing a congressman or organization and make your voice be heard. (The site is based out of the UK but there is no reason we cannot demand the same of our government here) If you’re not ready to take a step like that I understand, but please take a look at the website to see what it’s about. Thank you.

(I’m getting off my soapbox now)

UPDATE: After doing a little poking around of my own I found the US site. Check it out here:

Update #2: I replaced the UK Banner in the corner with the US one. If you would like to see the UK site you can find it here:

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Annie said...

Love the new look. Keep on updating and posting!!