Thursday, October 13, 2005

More iPod Rambling...

So I tinkered around with the new iTunes music store last night. I bought the first episode of LOST to see what all the hype is about and also to check out this new service. I think the idea of this kind of serialized portable entertainment has the potential to take off. I think Apple approached this new venture from the right point of view. They aren’t charging any more for the new video iPods and the video feature is somewhat of a bonus if you will. Its still first and foremost a portable music device which is why I think it will be extremely successful. I think that’s part of the problem with the Sony PSP. Its being sold as a portable movie player which is cool and in some circumstances handy or at least nice to have around like say on a long trip but as a whole people don’t watch movies on the go. (Plus you have to rebuy the movies you want in their UMD format which makes it prohibitively expensive in my opinion) Anyway back to the iPod… this is what makes “television shows” (can they be called that if they aren’t viewed on a television?!) the perfect fit for this kind of device. I think the next big thing though will be video Podcasts. They could be called vCasts or vPodcasts or something. For those who are unfamiliar, a Podcast is similar to a radio program but they are available online in .mp3 form so you can take them with you and listen to when ever you want. The majority of Podcasts are news related, be it sports, editorial, business, technology, and so on. These podcasts are available for free on iTunes. You “subscribe” to which ever ones you want to hear and new podcasts are downloaded to your computer as they become available. I don’t think it’s a big leap to see this sort of thing happening with video. For example you could potentially download a daily News report and watch it on your lunch break or something. Steve Jobs said something like “this is only the beginning” at the end of his presentation of the new iPod yesterday and I believe that he is totally right. It won’t be life changing, but it sure will make things more interesting. Apple started a revolution in the way we take music with us when they introduced the original iPod and I believe they are doing it again…


Ian said...

Speaking of podcasts, what are your favorites? There are so many to choose from on the iTunes directory it is soetimes difficult to filter the swill from the good. I enjoy all of Leo Laporte's podcasts including This Week in Tech. Is there anything I might be overlooking that you'd recommend?

And your blog has been great!

Jak said...

I agree with Shane. Apple is taking this whole vCast idea in the right direction, and it's going to be an exciting feature. But first, let's see if we can fix the damn iPod's problems shall we?

1. Poor, deterriorating battery life.

2. Intermittent freezing/crashing, always having to "restore" or reset.

3. No radio. $300 and you can't add a freakin' radio? It shouldn't be a "bonus" feature, it should be standard.

4. Pretty, yet scratches the exterior like crazy.

5. No multi-format support. Dammit, I want this thing to play everything, windows or osx.

sigh...I can go on and on, but won't. Cuz i think i just made Shane cry.

_Shane said...

I'd like to remind everyone reading this that Jak works at the repair counter at Best Buy. When something holds a 75% share of the market of course your gonna see more of them back than any thing else 'CAUSE THERES MORE OF THE OUT THERE THAN ANYTHING ELSE! Anyway Jak knows I disagree with him. So we don't see eye to eye on everything, what are friends for right?! ;0)

Anyway, enough of that.
On to Ian's question...
I subscribe to three podcasts:

The Animation Poscast

Inside Silicon Valley (produced by the San Jose Mercury News)

KCRW's The Business (Which is about Showbiz)

I'm glad you are enjoying reading it! I'm having fun just sharing my thoughts! :0)
Plus communicating with you guys on these "comments" pages is fun as well.