Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a Girl!!

We found out today that we are having a Girl!! The doctor said she is healthy and developing well and we are on track for our Due Date! I am a little scared yet very excited to have two girls. Not so much scared of having two girls but of having two teenage girls someday. A friend suggested that we get a male dog to even the male to female ratio in the house and I just may do that!

Before we found out the sex of the baby both Annie and I thought it was going to be a boy. Not sure why but that was our inclination. Turns out we were wrong. But at that time we made a deal that if it is a girl I would get to pick the name no questions asked and if it were a boy she got to pick the name no questions asked. It was fun and I honestly thought I was giving up my naming rights to her. Well I get to name the baby now! Annie had made a suggestion that we shouldn't tell people what we are going to name her until she is born so that there would be a bit of a surprise for everyone. I'm caving here and have decided to tell everyone the name I have chosen. You ready for it? ..... Moneypenny! Yup! That's right! I'm going to name my daughter after a James Bond character. I figure we'll call her Penny for short. Not sure about a middle name but I'm sure it will come to me between now and the end of July.

Update - 12/14/09
I was browsing through my old blog posts and came across this one. Got ya! This was just a joke from the get go. We named her Violet. It was one of the names we considered for Syd and as soon as we knew we were having another gril her name was Violet. This was just a joke Annie and I were playing on our friends and family because we wanted to keep her name a secret until she was born.


Ryan said...

Penny is a really cute name. Man, all my friends who are pregnant right now are having more girls! You guys, the Connallys, and the Rudys. All have a girl, and all are having another.

Andrea said...

Wow that's crazy Ryan. I guess it will just be an influx of cuteness in your world. :)

Shane - you are crazy and while I gave up my say, I will still be voicing my opinion loud and clear. Of course, you still get the final say. My advice...tread lightly. ;) Love you!

Jakris said...

Congrats to you both.
Shane, stick to naming the dog please.

Kidding. I actually like the name. Surprised you used your one naming right for a Bond character and not a Star Wars or HP name.

Shelley said...

OH SHANE!! pleaseeeeee!!
You know how I found out about this? A friend at work stop me at 6:00 in the morning and said
"Do you know what Shane is going to name the baby, I do!"