Sunday, February 01, 2009

Best Super Bowl Ads 2009

And by Best I mean my favorite...

Pepsi Refresh Anthem:

I love the song and the vibe. In this day and age when it's easy to sell products and services with T&A it's nice to see something that appeals to our better nature. I still prefer Coke over Pepsi, but I think Pepsi did a great job with their ads this year.

GE Scarecrow:

Again, I like the positive feel this ad had. I really like the look of it as well. At first glance I thought it was stop motion. I loved the animation of the Scarecrow as well. I can't tell whether it's MoCap or Keyframe... either way I enjoyed the ad.

MvA 3D Trailer:

(Put on your "InTru 3D" glasses, if you still have them, to view in 3D.)

This one may be an obvious pick for me, but I really enjoyed seeing the trailer with friends and family. I could tell by the look on Annie's face that she genuinely enjoyed it which was a great feeling.

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