Friday, December 19, 2008

End of Class 4

So here is what I turned in. Still not happy with it, but time marches onward whether I'm ready or not. It still lacks the snappiness and impact I wanted. I guess I will slowly work on it as I get time and try to take it to a place I'm happier with.

Here is my feedback from my Mentor for the term:
Areas of strength: I thought your first assignment was quite nice. There was some good acting going on. Nice poses.

Areas of improvement:
Seemed to get stuck the last few weeks. Couldn't get that intensity the shot needed. Timing is sometimes soft. -Ideas could be bigger.

Progression to the next term is:

As with last term, I agree with the feedback given. This term was a great learning experience and I loved learning from Greg. I hope the next few terms are as fruitful.

And as for that little bonus I promised last week...
This is a little experiment I decided to do. I recorded myself, in time lapse, doing my homework throughout the week.

The video was recorded with an application called Gawker. The song in the video is entitled "Dicipline" from the NIN album The Slip. The music is used under the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial share alike license with which it was released. As such, this video itself carries the same license.

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Shelley said...

Hey, that was cool! Lots of eye movement....your working hard :)