Friday, August 08, 2008

AM 306: Dialogue Test Video Reference

Try not to laugh to hard at me, and if you do laugh I hope it's because of the dialogue and not my bad acting skills... I have to pick one of the three and animate it as a dialogue test. I would love everyone's feedback. Which one did you like best? Did you like something but have a suggestion? I would love to hear it. Thanks again everyone for all the support!!


BrandoAbba said...

Hey I thought the first one with Mr. Scott was the best one, most believable. I feel like you can push the the tommy boy one with more facial expressions and I love dumber and dumber so I have seen that scene MANY of times. You did great just maybe loosen up a bit, more of a sloppy posture would help I feel, But over all Great stuff I thought your voice changed with the first one then I realized it was a voice over

_Shane said...

Thanks Brandon! I decided to go with the 1st. I re-recorded some reference and I'm starting to block it out this weekend. I'll post something up most likely on Sunday. Thanks again for the help!!

intergalactic said...

Hmmmmmm...just watched the most recent post and then wanted to see your performance. I actually liked your facial expressions best on the 3rd piece. I love Micheal Scott but the read is so subtle that it's a tricky bit of animation.

I'm sure you'll pull it off in the end!