Sunday, June 22, 2008

HP TouchSmart Online Ad

I know it seems a little weird to say it but this is one of the coolest online ads I've ever seen. It's not annoying like those damn Facebook ones that take over your whole window if you accidentally pass the cursor over it. This one is activated with an actual click, what a crazy concept, but what makes it cool is after the click. It seems very dynamic. And it works the way an online ad should work. It caught my attention, not hijacked it, and then it piqued my interest enough for me to actually visit the site and check the product out in more detail. And as a side note it seems like a pretty cool product. I heard that hardware manufacturers had said they weren't going to wait around for Windows 7 before pushing touch screen abilities. It's also encouraging to see a PC manufacturer do some thing pretty innovative and take charge with it. Just thought I'd share...

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Jakris said...

I think this thing is pretty darn sweet, and this commercial is awesome!

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