Tuesday, October 09, 2007

AM Session 102 Assignment: Sketchbook & STU Recreation Part 1

Ok.. here is the deal... I feel really embarrassed putting these out there for everyone. I haven't drawn since college, almost three years ago, and even then I didn't draw well. But I am doing this for the sake of progress. I really want to push myself and get the most out of this opportunity so here I am...

The gist of this weeks assignment is this... using sketchbook go to a public place and fill a few pages with sketches of people. Recreate your favorite pose using STU.

I selected one from each of the two pages. These are the ones that I thought might make for an interesting pose with STU. For those who are unfamiliar... STU, pronounced stew, is a rig provided by AM . He is pictured above to give you an idea of what I have to work with.

I appreciate any help and critique I can get. I have my class Q&A this evening so I will probably start in on the STU pose either tonight or tomorrow. I'll post an in progress of that as well once I start in. Thoughts?


Jakris said...

This is awesome man. Umm, how about some feedback:

I like the ones you circled, the others are a little hard to read.

Remember to exaggerate it.
Remember the silhouettes.
Try to think of what that kind of emotion those poses are trying to communicate. If you're going with the ones where that person is reading something in that book, try and really get him into it. Is it an suspense thriller? Or is it a love story and he/she is about to cry?

This is going to be a lot of fun.
I miss this stuff.

Ira said...


Okay, so you had to do something that was "Outside"? Because the poses you have are all sort of similar. That is there not from the "Matrix" but anyways...

I actually like the guy in the first page lower right corner the best. He's sitting and thinking and it tells a story.

The one you circled on the first page is kinda the same thing but standing...I will say this, I like the two of the first page better than the second page.

Thing is, if you need a prop to tell the story, such as holding a book...then it's limiting what you can tell with the body language.

I would like to see you pose out that guy sitting on the ground, he seems the most interesting to me.

Also don't limit yourself to just what you see, sometimes it's fun to take a pose you see and then push it another direction in your drawing even if it's not what that person is doing.

Look for something special, attitude, emotion, story...something interesting even if it's a simple situation.

And maybe more than just two pages of drawings...try not to spend more that 30 sec on a drawing, scribble it down...come back to the ones that stand out to you. Also, take your camera if it helps, grab some digital stills.

Your off to a good start, maybe get in the habit of doing some jester drawings every now and then to get yourself warmed up, draw jesters while you watch tv...it can get you into a good habit of finding the pose quickly.

Great start Shane, keep it up buddy!

...ira wan kenobi

Shelley said...

Looks like your going to have fun with this :)

Andrea said...

I think I like the one on the first page better. I also like Ira's ideas about pushing the pose past just what you see. I think that will help give you more options and more interesting poses. Ira's idea to sketch while watching TV is good too. How about Jim and Michael sketches on Thursdays. ;) Keep up the good work babe!!