Tuesday, April 24, 2007

That Star Wars Hype Thing is Back Again...

Above is the cover art for the Celebration IV program.
Well you see I'm a Star Wars geek. I've been mocked for it by friends and foes alike, but its true. I can't escape it. I love it. It's one of those things in my life that comes and goes now. Usually about once a year an announcement is made or an event is had or something is released that sucks me in for a month or two. I don't mind though. I do enjoy it. The fandom, the universe of characters and stories, the music, the movies... I enjoy it all.

The quote above was taken from a post I made in June of last year. Funny thing is it's back, just as I predicted. This time it's the fact that Celebration IV is on the horizon and Star Wars is celebrating it's 30th birthday this year. Instead of going on and on about how much I love Star Wars and why, you can read the original post for that, I will just share a few of the things I've come across in the past few weeks and months that have further fueled this current state of excitement...

The USPS announced that they will be releasing Star Wars stamps in may.

The official artwork for the Celebration badges were released. Hopefully I'll be able to save enough to snag one of those yellow ones in the top right corner. I would love to attend but I'll have to wait and see if I can afford it when it gets a little closer.

Gentle Giant is continuing their fantastic line of Star Wars Animated maquettes with this new Yoda on Kybuck.

I saw these shirts on the Official Star Wars Shop website. I love that they do fun stuff like this with the characters for different generations of fans.

This is a video that was being passed around work a few years back when Episode 3 came out. I found it on my PC the other day thought I'd share.

And finally, Del Rey Books is releasing this nice looking book with more pictures, info, and interviews that have never been seen before. You can find out more about the book HERE.

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Annie said...

There seems to always be a new reason for you to get excited about Star Wars. I will definitely get you the stamps though.