Friday, June 02, 2006

Star Wars hype again?

Well sorry that it's been more then a week since my last post. I really try to post at least once a week or more and honestly I have no real big excuse. I'd love to tell you that I had to go on interviews or that I won the lottery or something but alas such is not the case. I've just been doing stuff around the house with Annie and Syd. Cleaning up, trying to stay cool (it gets hot in this old house!), preparing Demo Reels, and just trying to stay out of trouble in general. I recently registered at Glendale Community College. I thought since I have the time I should try to keep my skills sharp. Plus I work better with assignments and deadlines. It's nothing major really. Just something to keep my brain from turning to mush before I get a new job. Sydney is still moving right along. She has taken more interest in trying to talk lately so she is not trying as hard to walk on her own. Its all fine by me I just love seeing her grow.

So what's the Star Wars thing you may ask? Well you see I'm a Sar Wars geek. I've been mocked for it by friends and foes alike, but its true. I can't escape it. I love it. It's one of those things in my life that comes and goes now. Usually about once a year an announcement is made or an event is had or something is released that sucks me in for a month or two. I don't mind though. I do enjoy it. The fandom, the universe of characters and stories, the music, the movies... I enjoy it all. I would never wear a tie dyed shirt that has Jar Jar on it or anything like that, I'm not that kind of geek, but I'm a geek none the less. Honestly I think it annoys Andrea after a while, and understandably so, which is when I try to put it aside for a bit. Enough of the rambling and excuses for my geekness though, what brought it on this time was the announcement made by Lucasfilm last week regarding Celebration IV. Celebration is pretty much what it's called... its a Star Wars Celebration. Basically it is a convention for and about Star Wars. A description from the announcement states that it is "five days filled with live entertainment, celebrities from all six movies, special film and video presentations, an exhibit of movie props and costumes, exclusive merchandise sold at a 24-hour-a-day store, pop culture tributes, immersive events, costume contests, and scores of additional activities." This is the fourth such Celebration but, and this is the exciting part for me, the first in California! And it's not only in California.. it's in LA!! A few of my friends, ardent Star Wars fans as well, said they will be going too. I think it should be a lot of fun. And hopefully they'll make some announcements regarding the upcoming TV shows as well. Well there you have it the current source of my Star Wars interest. Like I said before it will subside but it never fully goes away. I'm looking forward to about 10 months from now when it comes back. Some may perceive my enjoyment of Star Wars childish but it was a large part of my childhood and not something I'm keen on letting go of. I have no reason too. It's as much a part of who I am as life, love, family, and movies. :)

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