Friday, April 13, 2007

More Animation Inspired Gentle Giant Maquettes

I love that Gentle Giant is creating these type of maquettes. They comebine two of my favorite things... Animation & Visual Effects. I hope they continue this trend and who knows... maybe they'll do a Harry Potter line down the road. That would be great.

**Update 5/3/07**

I just came across this picture. Looks s awesome. Here's the description from the website:
As a representative of his people to the Fellowship of the Ring, Gimli is a mighty warrior, quick to draw his broad axes in battle. Once committed, his resolve to the success of the quest is unshakable.

Figure base is designed to inter-link and be displayed with the upcoming Legolas Animaquette.

Did you catch that last part?! Sounds like they are continuing with the series much like they are doing with Star Wars. I can't wait to see the Legolas one and maybe a Gollum one someday...

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