Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cars wins Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature

The first Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature went to Pixar's Cars on Monday. The films director picked up the award and was positively enthusiastic about the state of the animation industry through the whole night. John Lasseter is certainly an inspiration to myself and my others in the animation industry. I had the good fortune to meet him once, but I'll continue to save that story for another day. Cars is certainly picking up steam going into the Oscars. We'll see how it does at the Annies in a few weeks time. In an interesting but related side note I read the following about Lasseter's Oscars that he won for Best Animated Short Film (Tin Toy) and a Special Achievement Oscar for Toy Story...

The Los Angeles Times recently interviewed Pixar's John Lasseter regarding awards and accolades:

Question: What do you actually do with your Oscars?

Lasseter: I love the Oscars. I dress them up — I'm dead serious. I have a friend at Mattel who designed a handmade gown and tuxedo for my two Oscars. Every Christmas the Oscars get dressed up on the mantel — a beautiful velvet gown with red satin, off the shoulder. The guy wears a tuxedo with green lapels — a Christmas look. And, of course, they get dressed up for the Academy Awards.

I wonder what he'll do with a third? :)

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