Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Top Ten Movies

Well I decided to mix up the Top 10 formula. After a discussion with my friend Jak about our favorite movies, and we have pretty different ideas of what makes a good movie, I decided to share my list with the world. I may come back and share more about each film on individual posts in a format similar to Roger Ebert's The Great Movies. Here are my "favorite films"...

(These could move up or down, with a few exceptions, depending on my mood at the moment.)

Top Ten:

1. The Insider
2. Munich
3. On The Waterfront
4. A.I. Artificial Intelligence
5. Whale Rider
6. Spy Game
7. Singin' In The Rain
8. *Animation
9. *Star Wars
10. Koyaanisqatsi

*Animation: (No Particular Order)
The Iron Giant
My Neighbor Totoro
The Little Mermaid
Pixar Films (Particular Order)
1. Toy Story
2. Toy Story 2
3. Monsters, Inc.
4. The Incredibles
5. Cars
6. A Bug's Life
7. Finding Nemo

*Star Wars (Particular Order)
1. Revenge of the Sith
2. Attack of the Clones
3. Empire Strikes Back
4. New Hope
5. Phantom Menace
6. Return of the Jedi

Other great films: (No Particular Order)

Jurassic Park
The Abyss
Fight Club
The Kid (1921)
The Truman Show
The Fog of War
Solaris (2002)
Batman Begins
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Thin Red Line
A Simple Plan

There you go.. Thoughts?


Jakris said...

So, Star Wars actually is #18. Shamefull...

gcastro3d said...

i'm curious to know why the Insider is #1 for you? I saw the film on your recommendation and though i enjoyed the film and thought it was really well done, i'm not sure what makes it #1 for you.

Interesting this is your only michael mann movie on your list.

Andrea said...

I was a little surprised by some of your list. For example, I hadn't realized that The Abyss had dropped out of your top ten. Also, you are such a cheater, but I understand. So if you had to pick one Star Wars it would be Episode 2 but what if you had to pick only one Animated film? My vote is for My Neighbor Totoro. So really your list is:
1.The Insider
3.On the Waterfront
5.Whale Rider
6.Spy Game
7.Singin' in the Rain
8.My Neighbot Totoro
9.Episode 2

You just didn't want to commit to only ten. You are a true film geek. I love it though.

_Shane said...

Ok first I'll start with Jak; I love Star Wars for lots of different reasons, but they're just not my favorite films :\

George: I was writing this big long essay about how Mann utilizes the tools of cinema (Composition, Lighting, score, editing, etc..) available to him as an artist to craft a great story that is told exceptionally well, but ultimately it boils down to two things for me. First, it came along at a point in my life when I was maturing and "growing up" you could say and it was the first film I responded to on a more critical level. The second is that its about something that means something. I let you decipher what I mean by that.

Annie: Yeah I did kind of cheat on the whole "Top Ten" thing but at least I was upfront about it. :)
I think you confused what I wrote about Star Wars with what I usually watch or say at home. I listed Episode 3 as my favorite on the list but often I say that Episode 2 is. I love them both for different reason and they could really easily switch places back and forth on that list at any time so you are right. And as far as the Animation category goes I honestly can't pick a favorite. I love the medium so much (Animation is a medium NOT a genre) that I really can't point to one and said this is the best or my absolute favorite.