Thursday, October 19, 2006

Special Effects & The Business

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The Business is one of the few podcasts I subscribe to and listen to often. It's a NPR program about Hollywood and showbiz, hence the title The Business. It's equal doses funny, informative, insightful, and entertaining. Above is an episode that I found pparticularly interesting. Here is a description from the website:
Making special effects out of this world while keeping special effects budgets down to earth. We talk to Jon Favreau, who’s moved from directing a modestly priced kids adventure called Zathura to the helm of the blockbuster epic Iron Man.

I find Jon Favreau very articulate and knowledgeable. He directed Elf, which I love, and had a great role in this summers The Break Up. Zoic worked with him on Zathura and I hope we will be able to contribute to Iron Man as well.

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