Monday, July 24, 2006

Monster House

I had the good fortune to see Monster House in 3D for free last week thanks to the good folks at the Imageworks both at Comic-Con. I say "Good Fortune" for two reasons, one is because its was free and two is because it was a fun movie. The 3D was nice but I don't know if it's really going to take off like some people think it may. It really needs a killer app to shove it into the mainstream. Maybe the upcoming James Cameron feature will be the one to do it? Back to Monster House, it's was fun and very pretty to look at. I didn't mind the MoCap in this one as much as I did in The Polar Express. I think the biggest reason it didn't seem distracting was because the characters were so stylized. The story was enough to hold my attention and keep me entertained. It was kinda nice to have an animated film that wasn't anchored by animals either. This film is about these kids and the story is built around their personalities. Like I said it was a fun film and would make great Halloween movie fare.

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