Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm LOST!!!!

So a friend lent me the season one DVDs some time ago and unfortunately I didn't get to them until recently. I am totally hooked! Its great television, well written, suspenseful, dramatic, exciting, and beautifully photographed. We're all the way to the season one finale which we'll probably watch tonight after dinner. I haven't gotten into too many television shows recently, I'd much rather sit down and enjoy a good movie but recently with LOST I'm kind of enjoying the episodic storytelling thing. I'd still rather spend my time with a good movie but a show like LOST makes me think twice.
I also read online recently that the season two DVD set is coming out this fall. I know I can purchase the episodes individually on iTunes but I'd rather have the DVD set with better picture quality. I'm looking forward to picking back up with the characters this fall.

Also of interest to LOST fans, started making some of their Primetime shows available online, after they air, for free. They are of course commercially subsidized. But watching a few commercials for the ability to watch a show for free when ever you want sounds like a good deal to me. Unfortunately they don't have the entire second season available, only those few episodes that aired after the program went up. Of course there are the DVDs and iTunes for those who would rather go with out commercials. It's all about options and I appreciate that ABC is giving the public options. Its shows an appreciation for the people who make them money in the first place, the viewers like you and me.

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