Monday, May 08, 2006

25 Years

I turned 25 today and to celebrate a quarter of a century of memories I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things in life, past and present... (In no particular order)

Sesame Street
I grew up with Sesame Street and it's a pleasure sharing it with Syd. Actually, my wife thinks its funny that I'll sit down with Syd and start watching it and after about 10 minutes Syd will get up and move onto something else and I will still be sitting in the living room by myself watching Sesame Street. I don't care though I think its great! Also of interest, Participant Productions is creating a documentary call The World According To Sesame Street about the positive impact the show is having in the education of kids all around the world.

I'm a mac guy. I own a PC and have worked regularly with windows but at the end of the day I'm a mac guy. Not one of those crazy "mac-militia" types that ardently oppose anything non mac and accept and defend anything and everything that Apple produces. I have been around and worked with computers enough to know that there are advantages and disadvantage to both Macs and PCs. But in my opinion the good far out weighs the bad on the Mac end. Yes I'm a bit of a computer geek but that's just part of who I am I guess.

Spending time with Annie...
Being married you get to spend a lot of time with your spouse. And while I enjoy that time together that is not the time I am talking about specifically here. The time I'm talking about is the conversations. The playful joking around. Sitting on a bench holding hands. The stuff I usually take for granted. One of the beautiful things about my relationship with my wife is that we are best friends. It may sound cliche or silly but its true. With a child in our lives I treasure this time spent together even more.

Seeing Syd overcome obsticles and discover new things...

The human mind is amazing. Everyday I see Sydney discover something new. It's truly amazing to see that light turn on in her head when she understands something for the first time. And just as enjoyable for me as a father is seeing her work at something until she overcomes it herself. Whether its learning how to push a button or stand up on her own I always get an immense amount of joy from seeing her grow.

David Gray

Interestingly enough I was first introduced to David Gray by Mike Myers. In 2001 I was watching a publicity feature for Shrek and they were interviewing the cast. For some reason the interviewer asked what music they were listening to lately. Mike Myers, the voice of Shrek, spoke up and said that he had played David Gray's CD to death. He absolutely loved it. For some reason I was inspired to check it out myself. I went to the Barnes & Noble and listened and fell in love with his music. The rest is history I guess. He is hands down my favorite musician. I have only payed for two concerts in my lifetime and both were for David Gray. I have mentioned him previously on my blog but I didn't have a way to share his music with you besides an iTunes link, but fortunately I found a video from one of his concerts on Google Video. The audio and video are not the best quality but you get a sense of his music through it though. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

The Insider
The Insider (1999), directed by Michael Mann, is my favorite movie. It is masterfully crafted and carefully acted. The story, in my opinion, is not only very compelling but it's, as one reviewer put it, "about something that means something." Sure on the surface its about a whistle blower in the tobacco industry but if you stop looking there you are missing so much. When it all gets boiled down its about a man and his struggle to do the right thing in the face of extreme adversity. Thematically it resembles the classic film On The Waterfront with Marlon Brando. Every time I watch The Insider I gain something more from it and I see something that enriches the story that I hadn't encountered before. Its a great film and I recommend checking it out if you haven't seen it before.

I grew up playing Nintendo. I remember very specifically the excitement I had when I opened a NES for my birthday one year. I love Nintendo and their cannon of characters. The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Super Mario Brothers are classic games that Nintendo seems to keep updating with interesting game play and stories. While I may not be as into video games as I once was I will always be interested in what Nintendo is doing. I look forward to playing Nintendo games with Syd someday.

Star Wars
I can never forget the first time I saw a Star Wars movie. I don't remember specifically how old I was but I was staying at my Aunt Marcy's house with my cousin Michael. It was dark. The television was sitting on a TV stand that resembled a milk crate turned on its side. My cousin and I were scared and the only flashlight she had was on her key chain so she gave us her keys to hold onto if we needed to use a flashlight. It was The Empire Strikes Back. And the image that is burned into my memory is of Vaders outstretched hand after he revealed to Luke that he was his father. I know its not spectacular but that's my memory of the first time I saw Star Wars. Little did my Aunt know what she started! I love Star Wars!!!

Shel Silverstein
In fifth grade I performed the poem Us by Shel Silverstein in our schools oral language festival. I performed it with a classmate named Robbie Ruenzel. Here is the poem in its entirety...

Me and him
Him and me,
We're always together
As you can see.
I wish he'd leave
So I'd be free
I'm getting a little bit
Tired of he.
And he may be a bit
Bored with me.
On movies and ladies
We cannot agree.
I like to dance
He loves to ski.
He likes the mountains
I love the sea.
I like hot chocolate
He wants his tea.
I want to sleep
He has to pee.
He's meaner and duller
And fatter than me.
But I guess there's worse things
We could be --
Instead of two we could be three.
Me and him
Him and me.

Nothing earth shattering but as a child I was really into his silly sense of humor. Like many things from my childhood, I look forward to sharing his books with Syd as well.

Family Vacations
My family liked to travel when I was growing up. It seem liked every other month or so we were going somewhere out of town. I'm not complaining either. I loved it and I have fond memories of traveling with my family. And now that I have a family of my own we are traveling and taking vacations together as well.

Batman: The Animated Series

When I was in grade school I would run home to watch Batman: The Animated Series. Great stories and great production design. It still stands out as one of the best incarnations of Batman ever.

Movies & Animation
This one speaks for itself. I Love movies and I love animation. It's that simple.

And Lastly...

Where do I see myself or where would I like to be in 10 years? This is just for fun and totally superficial but I would like to have a few kids, a House, a Dog, and be working for DreamWorks Animation. :)

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