Friday, March 03, 2006

Pre-Oscars Round Up

So with the Oscars a few days away I thought I's share some of the stuff I found around the Net relating to it. I always get excited around Oscar time because... well... I'm a big movie fan and it's sort of like the Super Bowl for me. :)
There seems to be this general consensus that Brokeback Mountain will win Best Picture this year. It certainly has earned a lot of awards leading up to the Oscars along with much critical praise which makes it the "front runner" as people like to say. Running a close second in the minds of the media playing the speculation game is Crash which some say may even "upset" Brokeback Mountain on Oscar night. We shall see soon enough...

My pick for Best Picture this year is Munich. I know it probably won't win because of all the attention being lavished on the other films and the "controversy" that people are painting this film with, but ultimately I think it will be the one long remembered. It's an amazing film and in my opinion it is not only one of Spielberg's best films but the best film I have seen in the last couple of years. You can read my thoughts on the film, written shortly after seeing it, here.

Apple has posted the five shorts nominated for Best Live Action Short Film on their iTunes online store for the usual $1.99 price for videos. I think this is great since most people never have the opportunity see these films. Bravo to Apple and Shorts International for bringing access to these film to the general public!

Above is a peak at the set for the 78th Academy Awards. I like the "Classic Hollywood" feel to it. Can't wait to see more of it on Sunday... =)

The official ABC website for the Oscars has a nice section that they are calling Legacy which has a collection of all the posters for the Best Picture winners from the first one awarded to Wings in 1928 to Million Dollar Baby last year. In addition they also have the posters commissioned to advertise to awards ceremonies from 1960 to the present.

Well that's it for now. I'll post my thoughts on the Ceremony and the Winners early next week.

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