Monday, March 13, 2006

New Star Wars Maquettes

Gentle Giant recently announced a new line of maquettes based on the Star Wars universe entitled Star Wars Animated. They had a lot of success with their previous Clone Wars and I was lucky enough to receive the Obi-Wan in clone gear maquette from my wife for graduation. I love the sense of style in the new line that they carried over from the Clone Wars into the original trilogy characters. My favorites in the new series are the Leia/R2 and Boba Fett. From the official Star Wars website:
For last month's Toy Fair event staged in New York City, Gentle Giant unveiled several new projects they currently have underway, a favorite of which is the new Star Wars Animated line of maquettes. Taking their cues from the Clone Wars animated series, Gentle Giant artisans have translated a handful of original trilogy characters not seen in the CW cartoon -- Princess Leia and Artoo, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader -- into figural sculptures emulating the signature Tartakovsky style seen in the groundbreaking series. In addition, Gentle Giant has announced that they plan to continue the popular Clone Wars maquette line as well, with the soon-to-be-offered Roron Corobb the latest addition to this celebrated series.

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