Monday, March 20, 2006

Howl's Moving Castle

I finally got around to watching Howl's Moving Castle after picking up the DVD a few weeks back. While I still think My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite of Miyazaki's films I enjoyed this film tremendously. I would have to say that I enjoyed it more than Spirited Away in some respects, not to take anything away from that modern classic. It's sense of enchantment and fantasy is awesome to watch as the story unfolds. The artwork is beautiful as well. I wish I had taken the time to see this one when it was in theaters because I imagine that the experience would have been amazing. It's a great film and I'd definitely recommend seeing it for yourself sometime.

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asako said...

Hey!! I'm glad you liked the film. Some of the artwork in Howl was amazing (such as the layouts and BG paintings). Check out his son's film that's coming out in the summer (in Japan) this year!

Annie said...

I loved this film too. My neighbor Totoro was my fav but now I think it is a tie between these two. I just love them and I am so excited to share them with Sydney as she grows up.