Saturday, February 11, 2006

Torino Winter Olympics 2006

Have I ever told you that I love the Olympics?


It may seen odd for person like me who is disinterested in sports in general to be so obsessively into the Olympics which is the mother of all sporting events but for some reason I get pulled in every two years. Its compulsive. I will watch anything that is playing on the television. Figure Skating? Sure. Synchronized Swimming? ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!! I love it. I can't really explain it. Maybe its the competition or the coming together of Nations all over the world? (North & South Korea marched in the Parade of Nations together as The Koreas!!) Maybe its the personal stories and struggles of the athletes? I honestly can't put a finger on it but I don't need to really. I just wanted to post this message expressing my excitement for the games. I'm sure I be posting more about the games as the go on so stay tuned and enjoy the games!!!

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