Sunday, February 12, 2006

Apple's New iMac & Photo Booth

Andrea, Syd, and I were walking around downtown Pasadena yesterday when we walked by the Apple Store. I tried resisting the temptation to go in because I know Annie gets bored real quickly in there, but I saw a display of the new iMacs with the Intel chips in them and I had to go see what all the fuss was about. It was very nice and pretty much the same experience as the previous generation iMacs just a little quicker. The best part though had to be the integrated iSight camera. Take a look at the iMac above and right above my face is a little black square... That's the iSight camera! I launched Apple's included Photo Booth software and that's when the fun began. I know its such a simple concept but the three of us were entertained. I took a picture of my self then told Andrea to come check it out. Within minutes we were laughing and having a good ol' time playing with it, posing for it, and testing all the silly filters. I can imagine that the video iChat would be just as fun. The image quality was great and I think the prospect of "video chatting" with friends and family sounds.. well... Fun! I have posted just a few of the picture we took. If you are walking through a mall and you see an Apple Store, stop in and try it yourself. I'm willing to bet you will be just as amused as we were! :0)

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Annie said...

That afternoon was so fun. I wasn't sure about going in that Apple store that day but I am so glad we did. What a great time and what great pics. It makes me want one of those computers. Don't get too excited though we can't get one. :o)