Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bambi 2

Bambi 2 is being released on Home Video today. I imagine that this will be the last sequel we'll see to the Disney classics for a while because of the whole Disney/Pixar shake up. I haven't see it myself yet but the artwork that I have seen looks fantastic! The look of the film is definitely a throw back to the original. I remember seeing the trailer for it on a Disney DVD a while back when it was titled Bambi and The Great Prince of the Forest, a name I prefer to the generic Bambi Two. I have purposely avoided these films, the Disney "Cheap-quels" as they have come to be known, for years knowing the damage they have done to the Disney legacy. For some reason this one seems different and I'm not sure what it is specifically. There seems to be some real care put into the production. I may change my mind when I see it but for now I look forward to seeing it and remain optimistic about its success. Disney is making it available for only 70 days in recognition of the originals 70th anniversary.
Article about Andreas Deja's contribution to the film.

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Annie said...

I would like to get this movie. I have heard it is a surprisingly good sequel. I loved Bambi when I was younger and would love to share both with Sydney.