Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blu-ray announcements CES 2006

The Consumer Electronic Show is going down in Las Vegas this week. This is typically a geek utopia wherein consumer electronics manufacturers like Samsung and Sony roll out their big toys for the new year. This year, as expected, Blu-ray has a big presence with the announcement of both hardware and media for the format. Pictured above is a player that Samsung plans to debut in early summer of this year. This puppy will set you back about a grand. It supports HMDI out and is backwards compatible current DVDs. To sum up the appeal behind the format this statement is from a press release concerning Blu-ray:

"In addition to 1920x1080p HD master quality, consumers will benefit from Blu-ray Disc's immense improvements over current DVD technology including enhanced menu navigation, increased added-value and new interactive capabilities."

Among the first batch of titles announced by participating studios thus far are Black Hawk Down, Terminator 2, Ice Age, and Mission: Impossible. Keep in mind that CES will officially get underway tomorrow so expect many more announcements as the week progresses. The show ends on Sunday but you can look for regular updates on,, and

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Jak said...

I remember when a standard CD player was that price and that bulky. I really think Blu-Ray is going to dominate the HD war, although I personally favor HDDVD. I love the Sony empire, but at the same time I hate their history of proprietary crap.