Friday, January 13, 2006

2006 Dodge Charger

Now I realize that this is an odd one coming from me but I have been seeing more and more of these on the road and I am really growing to like them. Most who know me well know that I am not at all a "car guy" but I really love the look and feel of the new Dodge Charger. I have had a similar crush on the new Ford Mustang for a while now. I like that they are going for a look with the body style that is reminiscent of the older muscle cars but yet still maintain some modern edge to them. I doubt I will ever end up with a car like this but I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for the direction these new batch of cars are taking. I have even heard that Chevy is doing a similar thing with their Camaro. Who knows, maybe someday when I have a little extra expendable income you may see me passing you on the freeway in one of these! :0)

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