Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Honda Debuts New ASIMO

I love robots!!! I love 'em!

From Gizmodo.com:
"Just one year after we watched Honda’s Asimo humanoid robot run around and try not to trip over chairs, things are looking up for the little guy. Looks like Asimo has graduated to office work, meeting and greeting visitors and of course, fetching orange juice and coffee for visitors. Rumour has it he can also push a cart, walk straight, sideways or even backwards. Way to go buddy! Basically, Honda has added more joints and flexibility to the robot as well as a myriad advanced sensor, image and voice recognition and other technologies Honda ultimately hopes to use in its core automotive business. I don’t know how bowing deeply and bringing tuna sandwiches to a meeting is going to help with new cars, but I’ll leave it to the professionals."

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