Thursday, November 03, 2005

Revenge of the Sith DVD

So I got the Episode 3 DVD Tuesday and I am totally enjoying this set. The film is great, in my opinion the most emotionally moving of the series, and the extras on the set are fantastic. Worth mentioning in particular is the feature called “Within a Minute.” It basically breaks down all the work that goes into a scene that lasts less than a minute. Literally hundreds of people are responsible for bringing it to life on screen. It’s a great tribute to the talented people on and off screen that make the “magic” of movies happen. It’s also a great introduction to the filmmaking process for those interested. This is one of those features that I would have been so into when I was younger. Back before DVDs and the Internet I had to seek out these sorts of features to satisfy my longing to know more about how movies were made. I watched a program on the Discovery Channel called Movie Magic, I checked out books from the library, and occasionally I would find a VHS tape dedicated to the making of a specific film which I would revel in when I found them. I still have my “Making of” VHS tapes for Star Wars and Jurassic Park! :0) I love these sort of things! They get me excited about filmmaking all over again. I recommend anyone interested in movies should check it out. Although there is much appeal to the existing Star Wars fan I think that there is much that can be learn about filmmaking in general from the documentary. And the movie itself, Revenge of the Sith, is great so its a nice added bonus.

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Ian said...

Thanks to Netflix, I watched the entire bonus disc last night. I couldn't stop until I had seen everything. While I expected the deleted scenes to be of most interesst to me, i was wrong. The documentary Within a Minute was the high point.

An excellent recommendation, Shane.