Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coca-Cola Freestyle

This is very random for a blog post I know, but having decided to back off my Facebook use I decided to share more of these types of things that I find interesting here on my blog. Annie and I watched game four of the ALCS tonight (Go Rangers!) and when it was over I was flipping around to see what was on before I turned off the TV for the evening. In the channel guide I saw a listing for a documentary about Coke on CNBC that I thought I would check out. Having been to the Coke headquarters multiple times while visiting family in Atlanta I have a soft spot for the company. The show was standard cable TV fare, but what really got my attention was this "Freestyle" machine they showed off at the end of the show. This single fountain machine dispenses over 100 different types of Coke! Appearently the techology is based on medical equipment originally developed to deliver extremely precise doses of drugs. It stores cartridges with highly concentrated bases and flavors then mixes and matches them to create this wide variety of flavors in a single machine. The tech geek in me was... well... geeking out! I spotted an Orange Coke flavor when they were demoing it! Man, I would love to try that! I hope this thing catches on because I would go out of my way just to try this sometime...


Ryan said...

That is pretty dang cool.

When we were at Disney World last year they had a "Sodas From Around the World" feature where you could try about 10 different sodas from Germany, Japan, Israel, etc. It was just several dispenser with disposable cups, you just walked up and tried whatever you wanted. Reminded me of this machine.

I don't know if it works like this, but it would be pretty cool to discover your own "Signature Coke" recipe by using this machine.

_Shane said...

Saw Harry Potter 7 this weekend and the theater had these machines!! I loved it!! These things need to become standard everywhere! I tried Orange Coke and Peach Sprite and really liked them both.