Friday, June 18, 2010

Exciting news out of E3 2010!

The annual Video Game convention E3 was held again this week and there were quit a few announcements that got me excited about Video Games again. While I don't spend as much time playing games as I once did, I do enjoying playing with friends and family. Here are a few announcements that are of particular interest to me...

Nintendo announced it's latest iteration of their hand held platform called Nintendo 3DS. Apparently this produces a 3D or Stereoscopic affect without glasses. I believe it works because I have seen demos of this technology on full size television screens. The ability to produce a stereo effect without glasses is sometimes called autostereo. I think this will be even more successful than the demos I have seen with my own eyes simply because of the nature of the device itself. The player is holding the system directly in front of them as they play the game. I have long said that I don't personally believe that 3D will take off in the home until autostereo becomes cheaper and more widespread on full size televisions. I don't know of anyone who wants to sit at home wearing stereo glasses to watch television. It's great to watch Nintendo see the future of stereo so clearly and once again lead the pack. This is a small step but a clear one. Just as the Wii was the first to rethink the way we interact with video games, I believe that the 3DS will change the public's perception of how stereo can be produced. I hope this thing isn't too expensive because I would love to get one someday!

Goldeneye for the N64 is a classic for me. I logged so many hours playing this with my friends. It's one of greatest multi-player games of all time. And this was back in the day when multi-player meant sitting with your friends in the same room watching the same TV and playing together. I know that some things are better left to nostalgia and memory but I'm looking forward to this remake of the classic. People have long clamored for the original to be released on the Wii virtual console, but the rights have been held up in a tangled legal web of right because Nintendo original published the game but sold the studio that made it to Microsoft a few years back. On top of that a third studio currently owns the video game publishing right to the Bond franchise. It seems the best way around it now is the rebuild it from the ground up with the studio who currently owns the publishing rights. They got the screenwriter from the film to take a pass at the script for this game and they have updated Bond to the more recent Daniel Craig. (I suspect that last change had more to do with legalities than with trying to get rid of Brosnan.) This game boasts both local and online multi-player with plenty of game modes to keep it engaging for a while. I'm looking forward to more info on this one as it comes out.

A new console Zelda game? I'm in by default. Zelda is hands down my favorite video game franchise. I'm a little surprised they deviated from the style of the last game, but I'm open to the change. The look reminds me a lot of the Ocarina of Time which could never be a bad thing. If I had to pick one single game that was my all time favorite it would be that game. I look forward to going through this new game with Andrea!

YES!! A sequel to the best and most original game of this hardware generation. Portal received mounds of praise... all of which was deserved. I wasn't expecting a sequel let alone the news that the "best version of the game" would be released on the PS3. This is a day one purchase for me.

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