Sunday, August 31, 2008

*The Last Guy

The image you see above may at first glance look like a fancy version of Google maps or something but it's really a screening shot for this really cool game called The Last Guy. We stumbled across this deceptively simple game by downloading the demo on our PS3. I like video games but I am not a big gamer. Occasionally I'll pop in and download a couple demos to see what the games are like out there. I downloaded the demo for The Last Guy and at first I was skeptical and even was so close to turning it off and deleting it but something told me to hang on for a few more minutes... and am I'm glad I did. After getting hooked on the Demo we paid $10 for the full game download on the PSN. As I said above, this game is deceptively simple. I chose those words purposefully. The execution of the game is simple. It's a top down view of real world maps. You're "The Last Guy" trying to save the world from a zombie invasion. But the beauty and real fun of the game is the puzzle solving. Here is a description from the Official Playstation Blog:
Every stage is a real city, shown from overhead using detailed aerial photography. Basically you make your way through cities, find people hiding in buildings, and lead them to the Escape Zone while avoiding zombies roaming the streets. Use thermography vision to find people hiding in buildings, “dash” to run away quicker, and “huddle” to scrunch up the line to keep the people out of the path of the zombies. The controls are simple, but keeping your line away from the zombies and making it to the Escape Zone without losing anyone is anything but.
If you are interested IGN wrote a great review of the game, even giving it a 9.0 which is great for a downloadable game that only costs $10. It was worth every penny. Annie and I are hooked on it. If you have a PS3 I highly recommend you download the demo and check it out. And if you do let me know what you think!


Jakris said...

I downloaded the demo, and it's pretty fun! I don't know if I'd spend the $10 right now for it, just because I have Metal Gear Solid 4 coming in the mail the end of this week. GTA started just like this, in a top down strategy game on the PC. Maybe this game is going to blow up just like that one did, into a 3D third person action rpg...

bsleven said...

Hi SHANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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