Tuesday, July 08, 2008

AM 301: Bus Stop

The video flips horizontally about half way through. I intended for him to come in from screen right and go out the left but when I shot the reference I went in and out the same direction.

Here I am back at it again! Please excuse the crappy drawing and sad video reference but I'm giving it my best shot this term! For the first assignment, change of emotion, I decided to try to go with something less complicated than last time. The idea here is as follows...

Stewie is going to work with a "ready-to-take-on-the-day" disposition, runs into frame, checks watch for time, turns and sees bus, waves it down, the buss blasts past him, he hangs his head in shock then slowly heads out of frame frustrated and sulking.

Above is a look at my planning. I'm going to start Blocking tonight or tomorrow and I'll post again when there is something to share. Any feedback on the planning thus far would be great. Thanks!!

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