Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fire at Universal Studios

Photo © Mike Meadows

Andrea saw this on CNN first thing this morning and of course she yelled for me across the house. This is a real sad one for me. It was a trip to Universal Studios I took with my family in sixth grade that lead me down the path I am still on today. The good news is that the fire, while very large, was contained to a relatively small area of the lot. The bad news is the King Kong attraction is gone along with the New York street portion of the back lot. In addition the fire burned a part of a storage building which contained a portion of their film vault.

Thankfully no one was killed in the fire. I hope nothing irreplaceable, like original film negatives, was lost in the fire. I'm sure insurance will kick in and the back lot and Kong attraction will be replaced. In fact this may be a good opportunity to update the attraction with content from the 2005 version of King Kong. I can see it being a great way to connect with modern audiences who are more familiar with that material. I'm sure more specific details will be available in the next few days and weeks but I just wanted to share with you.

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Shelley said...

It is sad...and I was thinking of you