Friday, April 04, 2008

AM 301: Contrast in Emotion planning...

(I promised myself shortly after I started this blog that I would not post without an image since I am such a visual person. Unfortunately I don't really have anything visually to include with this assignment yet so I have randomly included this picture I took a while back. )

So the first assignment for this term is to come up with a simple scenario for an acting test without any dialogue. The test should consist of two distinct and contrasting "beats" that tel a basic story. The idea here is to present contrast in the story beats. Here are a few ideas I came up with...

1. Walking through a park kicking rocks enjoying being outdoors... kicks a rock but it it like the tip of an iceberg and it doesn't budge, stubbing his toe. (Glee/Pain)
2. Waiting in line for a theme park Ride eager to board very soon... get up to the front and the ride closes in front of him. (Patience/Anger)
3. "Morning Person" eager to purchase the newspaper puts quarter in... and the newspaper box will not open. (Happy/Frustrated)
4. Superhero bounds into frame on to rooftop...
  • [4a] trips and hurts himself (Heroic/Weak)
  • [4b] gets to edge of building and realizes he is afraid of heights (Brave/Scared)
  • [4c] runs back scared as shadow of beast off screen grows toward him. (Heroic/Pathetic)
5. Playing air guitar... stubs toe on coffee table. (Excited/Pain)

I'm thinking something in the realm of #4 would be funnest for me. Any feedback would be great. Thanks everyone!

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