Friday, March 07, 2008

AM 209: Dive; Blocking Plus in progress...

A few things to think about when looking at this in this state....

1. The camera in not locked down to this angle. I have not decided where I am going to place the camera yet.

2. The timing from frames 1-75 is well.... there is no timing. By this I mean I blocked in the poses I wanted on every 5 frames. Then I usually go back in and move the poses around in the graph editor to get the desired timing I'm going for. I'm currently having a problem with this method though. I select all of the controls and then all my keys to move them.. but some how his hips are getting thrown out of sync when I do this. And when I go in and look at the frame that the hips are moving separately from the rest of the body there is no key. I can't figure out what is causing it to slip. I'm trying to figure it out but in the mean time if you have any comments on the poses or timing after f75 that would be great.

Wish me luck and thanks in advance for any help!


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