Monday, February 25, 2008

No Country For Old Men wins Best Picture!

The Oscars were handed out last night for the 80th time. It was a good ceremony. Jon Stewart did a good job and the there were some genuine laughs in there. The best part of the ceremony for me was after they cut off Markéta Irglová they brought her back out so she could have her moment with the microphone. Very admirable considering that I'm sure the producers were being pushed not to let the ceremony go on too long. (You can catch that moment here on YouTube) No Country took home the main prize. I think it justifiably won. Honestly it's been a great year for movies and No Country is a great example of this. Also, one of the nicer things about the awards this year is a wide variety of films taking home awards...

The winner tally in the feature categories are as follows...

No Country For Old Men - 4 - Justifiably
The Bourne Ultimatum - 3 - Very nice!
There Will Be Blood - 2 - Fair enough.
La Vie En Rose - 2 - Would really like to see this now.
Ratatouille - 1 - #2 for Brad Bird. Great job!
Michael Clayton - 1 - I liked it. Glad it took home something.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age - 1 - Saw these at FIDM last week. Beautiful.
Sweeney Todd - 1 - THANK YOU!!! I'm so glad they won something!!
Once - 1 - This really deserved this award!
Juno - 1 - Glad it got honored.
The Golden Compass - 1 - More on this below...
Atonement - 1 - Perfect example of a score not only complimenting a film but enhancing it as well.
Taxi Ride to the Dark Side - 1 - Haven't seen this one.
The Counterfeiters - 1 - Haven't seen this one either.

Now about that Oscar for Best Visual Effects...

I have to be honest here. I really thought Transformers was going to take home this awards hands down, and I still firmly believe that it should have. With that being said though it feels really great to be working at a Visual Effects studio that has just won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. People at work were just in glee over this win. I know a lot of people that worked on that show and they worked very hard and it's nice to see them excited about the win. Bill brought in the Oscar today and everyone posed for pictures with it and tomorrow we are having a company party to celebrate the win. Congrats to Bill Westenhofer and the other winners for this award... and to the entire crew at R&H!

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Andrea said...

Love your take on the awards. I think we may have been married a little too long because I feel much the same way.