Thursday, February 28, 2008

AM 208: Dive, partial blocking

I know it's been a while since I have posted any of my AM work and I apologize. This is a portion of my latest blocking pass for the last assignment this term. Obviously I am no where near the required 120f minimum. I shot some reference of myself preparing to take off for the dive that I am going to incorporate. I wanted to try to get this out as early as possible because I anticipated it being the most difficult.

Any feedback would be great. Thanks!


Andrea said...

I think it is looking good. At the top of the dive there is a frame where his head moves back but the rest of his body is staying in the same place, maybe have the body move slightly up into the air a little more???? That is the only thing sticking out to me. Sorry I couldn't help more. ;)

Jakris said...

Hey man its looking great!

I know you're working on the timing, and I think thats the biggest thing that stands out to me.

Frames 22-27 can hang for longer I think. Get some nice weight up at the peak of the jump and let it hang for a tad longer.

Watch your silhouette f21, his back left arm.

Once its done, can you follow him with the camera so he doesnt get cut off the top of the frame.

F35/36 obviously going to animate more than just his head...

Lookin' good!