Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I was able to catch this movie over the Christmas break and I absolutely loved it. Very dark and very macabre but it was my favorite movie of last year. It has the form of a musical but the content of a horror movie. Each one subverts the other in a way that doesn't undermine the other but somehow makes this new thing that is shocking and terrifying at times and extremely entertaining and funny at others. This material was made for Tim Burton. The music is fantastic too. I bought the soundtrack shortly after getting home. I think my wife is getting a little annoyed because I'm constantly listening to it but I really enjoy it. The performances were top notch especially by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. The Production Design was thick and rich with a London that looked like something from the industrial revolution with a Gothic visage to it. I really hope this movie picks up quite a few nods, and wins!, come Oscar time because it really deserves it. My cousin who saw it with us said he liked it but he wondered who it's target audience would be. Fans of musicals in general may be put off by the blood and fans of Burton my be put off by the musical elements. I think the target audience may be people like me... people who just enjoy great movies.


Jakris said...

So I watched this last night, after you gave the "Best Movie of 2007" review.
I did like it, kinda. Not the best movie of the year in my opinion. I mean, you're putting it up against movies like Ratatouille (which I know you didn't think was the best), the Bourne Ultimatum, 300, The Order of the Phoenix, etc...
Don't get me wrong, it was a great film in the sense of the word, and I agree with most everything you said. It took a long while for the 'action' to kickoff, but I was still interested.
And me, I generally love everything Tim Burton touches, and I especially liked the darkness of the movie. However, I think it might have been more successful for me if it wasn't a musical. I think I'm part of the "Fans of Burton" you mentioned. I love musicals too though. I just think it would've been a better told story if it was written as a horror movie, instead of the classical singing. The singing sometimes took away from the moment, and Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter aren't the greatest singers even though I still thought they were good.
So I'd recommend it, with the disclaimer that it just isn't a movie for everyone.

_Shane said...

Actually I said it was "my favorite movie" of last year. I haven't seen quite a few that I would still like to so I am reserving that "Best" distinction for when I can better make that decision, but yeah... I loved it. I'm glad you gave it a shot. That's about how I thought you would react to it. Thanks for the response.

Jakris said...

Well because I know you, I rightfully assumed that "Your Favorite Movie" was the "Best Movie" of the year. Jerk.

Just kidding.