Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AM 204: "Ballie Kick" Refining

Without going into detail, it seems I've had my legs swept out from underneath me concerning this assignment. I have decided to scale back my "ambitions" for this shot and focus my remaining time and energy on the kick itself. I am removing the bit about the ball coming back into the shot and will end on him watching the ball and then hanging his head in disappointment ...as if he missed the goal. By doing this I hope to gain some ground in terms of my understanding of both timing and body mechanics. It's been a tough week for sure and it's not even half over. I will however keep my head up and try to keep moving forward.


Andrea said...

Good choice sweetie. I know you can do it!

Kenfield said...

I behind you too sweetie, um, I mean, Shane.
Great work BTW! You're a good inspiration to me.
You too Andrea.

- Josh