Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status?!

Ok so I rarely post about "news" type items but I saw this and found it pretty fascinating so I couldn't resist. If this is the real deal this is huge. Much like Pluto being kicked out of our solar system, the maps we so diligently studied and learned in grade school may soon no longer be correct. There may soon be this little landlocked nation in the middle of the States called Lakotia (?) or something like that. It sounds like they are serious and seem to have some legal grounds to do so. I say good for them. I was discussing it with a co-worker just now and she said they don't deserve it and that life is survival of the fittest and that they lost what was theirs fair and square. I call BS on that argument. Ones ability to kill someone else doesn't make it acceptable or right. That being said they better have a hefty plan for self governance in place if they hope to survive in the modern world.

More info: USA Today Telegraph & Google News

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Jakris said...

I would want to invade and declare the nation as my own. Then I'd build a big glass dome a la the Simpsons movie.