Sunday, November 18, 2007

AM 107: Visual Arcs & Path of Action! Part 2

So here's what I turned in this week. Again, I'm not to thrilled with the end result. I still feel like I am struggling a lot with timing and spacing. I know it just takes practice and dare I say it... time to get it down and understand it better. This assignment kept me up a lot of late nights this week. I guess I should be managing my time better 'cause I didn't even have time to revise last weeks assignment. Hopefully with the Thanksgiving break this week I can take the time a revise both last weeks and this weeks assignment. On the slate for this week is getting started on a "vanilla" walk cycle and a STU pose that represents Strength.


Shelley said...

I think it looks good...
Time is just about everything...if only we did`nt have to sleep, we would have another 8 hours :)

Kenfield said...

Here here! There is so much I could have gotten done if I didn't have to sleep.

I don't know how you do it Shane. I can barley keep on top of my own projects and I'm not taking care of a kid yet!
I think it looks good! Did you get the end pose you were hopping for?