Thursday, November 15, 2007

AM 107: Visual Arcs & Path of Action! Part 1

Here is my WIP for this weeks assignment. I'm really excited about animating Tailor, that's the name of the ball with the tail. This is my blocking pass. I haven't animated the tail yet, I wanted to nail down the ball jumps first as that will be the source of all the overlapping movement in the tail. At the end I was thinking of having him turn towards camera and bow. Any thoughts?


Kenfield said...

Hey Shane!
I absolutely love watching your progress through this program! It's great that you always ask for comments but I feel so unqualified to provide any, which is why I have remained silent so far.
But to give it a shot, why not make a fun pose using Tailor's tail at the end? Something that would make a fun silhouette, such as a question mark.

_Shane said...

Thanks for the response Josh! You know feedback from someone that doesn't know the intimate ins and outs of animation is extremely useful. It all really helps. Even if its just.. "hey that doesn't look right when he does this" or " hey when he is doing that one thing it's working really well."

I hadn't even given thought to the silhouette on the tail at the end until you mentioned it... so see... you can help! Thanks for the feedback.